Our Team

Analytics WEST | Sue Heinemann

Suzanne Heinemann, CPA

Ms. Heinemann has 25 years of experience in the field of economic damages, forensic accounting and business valuation. She has testified widely as an expert witness in arbitration, federal and state courts, and has provided expert assistance in mediation.

Ms. Heinemann specializes in the investigation and quantification of damages from commercial disputes. Ms. Heinemann’s work covers damages assessments for breach of contract, lost profits, interference, fraud, and business interruption, as well as forensic accounting investigations. Suzanne also has substantive experience in assessing damages for intellectual property and Lanham Act matters, covering patent, copyright, and trademark infringement, false advertising and misappropriation of trade secrets.

Suzanne is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in California and Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) by the AICPA. 

Analytics WEST | Zach Mollendor

Zachary Mollendor

T: 424.404.1011 | VCARD

Mr. Mollendor provides client service on intellectual property, forensic accounting and other commercial litigation matters. Mr. Mollendor has substantive experience on trademark and traded dress infringement, including consideration of cost offsets, and apportionment of infringer’s profits. Mr. Mollendor has also led numerous forensic accounting matters, assisting clients throughout discovery and trial. Prior to joining Analytics WEST, Zachary worked at Nathan Associates in their litigation group in Los Angeles.

Analytics WEST | Eric Moersen

Eric Moersen

T: 424.404.1012 | VCARD

Mr. Moersen provides client service on intellectual property and commercial litigation matters. Mr. Moersen has substantive experience working with large data sets and undertaking statistical analysis, including the development of econometric models. Mr. Moersen has led numerous patent infringement and lost profits matters, including assessments of damages based on the counterfactual (i.e., the “but for” world). Prior to joining Analytics WEST, Eric worked for Welch Consulting in Los Angeles.

Analytics WEST | Diego Satkofsky

Diego Satkofsky

T: 424.404.1013 | VCARD

Mr. Satkofsky provides client service on forensic accounting and commercial litigation matters, including business interruption matters. Mr. Satkofsy has led numerous engagements related to the evaluation of business interruption claims. Mr. Satkofsky’s work includes estimates of benchmark revenues, calculations of lost revenues and saved expenses for commercial businesses across numerous industries. Prior to joining Analytics WEST, Diego worked in the Transfer Pricing group at Deloitte & Touche in Los Angeles.

In addition to our Manhattan Beach team, Analytics WEST has consulting staff across the country. Our consultants specialize in accounting, economics and statistics, and have substantive experience in assessing damages in commercial disputes.