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Analytics WEST | Sue Heinemann

Suzanne Heinemann, CPA

Ms. Heinemann has 25 years of experience in the field of economic damages, forensic accounting and business valuation. She has testified widely as an expert witness in arbitration, federal and state courts, and has provided expert assistance in mediation.

Ms. Heinemann specializes in the investigation and quantification of damages from commercial disputes. Ms. Heinemann’s work covers damages assessments for breach of contract, lost profits, interference, fraud, and business interruption, as well as forensic accounting investigations. Suzanne also has substantive experience in assessing damages for intellectual property and Lanham Act matters, covering patent, copyright, and trademark infringement, false advertising and misappropriation of trade secrets. 

Ms. Heinemann holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the College of William and Mary. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in California and Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) by the AICPA.

Vice President

Marc Scoppettone

T: 424.404.1014 | VCARD

Mr. Scoppettone has 20 years of experience consulting with attorneys, experts, and corporate clients on litigation and corporate strategy matters. He specializes in assessing damages in intellectual property matters. This includes the analysis and apportionment of profits for profit disgorgement in trademark matters and the quantification of lost profits and reasonable royalty damages in patent infringement litigation. He also has a breadth of experience applying economic and statistical methods to matters involving antitrust and competition, insurance allocation and other complex disputes. Marc holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Stanford University and a master’s degree in statistics from Columbia University.


Alex Kerxhalli

T: 424.404.1013 | VCARD

Mr. Kerxhalli provides client service on intellectual property, forensic accounting and other commercial litigation matters. Mr. Kerxhalli has experience providing consulting services on a range of economic issues including assessments of lost profits from patent infringement and business interruption, determination of reasonable royalty under the Georgia-Pacific Factors, forensic accounting investigation, and econometric modeling of impact and damages in antitrust litigation. Mr. Kerxhalli has substantive experience in SAS and Stata programming, and managing and analyzing large datasets for clients in complex litigation matters involving multiple defendants. Prior to joining Analytics WEST, Alex worked for Nathan Associates in its Washington D.C. area office. He completed his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Rochester.


Kyler Kameoka

T: 424.404.1011 | VCARD

Mr. Kameoka provides client service on forensic accounting and commercial litigation matters. He has led numerous engagements related to the evaluation of business interruption claims including development of complex lost profit models. Kyler’s work includes estimates of benchmark revenues, calculations of lost revenues and saved expenses for commercial businesses. He is a graduate of the Seattle University Albers School of Business and Economics. 


Andy Lam

Mr. Lam is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in economics. Mr. Lam’s work includes research into relevant markets, assessment of case documents, and building models to assess damages. Prior to joining Analytics WEST, Andy worked as a research analyst at IBISWorld. 


Sydney Ikegami

Ms. Ikegami is a graduate of University of California Berkeley and undertakes modeling, research and analysis across all AW practice areas, including intellectual property, forensic accounting and commercial litigation. In her work at AW, Sydney has developed substantive experience creating economic loss models.


Nicole Sewell

Ms. Sewell is a graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in economics. Ms. Sewell assists in AW’s intellectual property and commercial litigation practice. Prior to joining Analytics WEST, Nicole worked at Kelton Global where she undertook data analysis for market research studies.


Sidney Stanton-Nguyen

Ms. Nguyen is a graduate of University of Washington with a degree in mathematics. Ms. Nguyen provides financial analysis, data analysis, and lost income evaluations in AW’s commercial litigation matters.