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Analytics WEST specializes in the forensic analysis of financial, accounting and economic data to assess damages in commercial disputes. Our team works to meet litigation challenges, supporting client needs throughout discovery, mediation and trial.

Our Services

We specialize in the quantification of damages from commercial disputes, using a forensic approach to develop a cohesive assessment of damages.

Our intellectual property team has substantive experience with damages assessments for intellectual property disputes and Lanham Act violations.

We specialize in the review and analysis of financial and accounting data to understand business operations and unravel complex transactions.

Analytics WEST | Sue Heinemann

Our team members are trained in economics, accounting and valuation.

Sue Heinemann is a damages expert with 25 years of experience in the field of forensic accounting and economic damages. Ms. Heinemann spent the majority of her career at Analysis Group, Inc. where she was trained to provide rigorous, thoughtful and complete analysis in a team-based environment.